Home Dental Care Tips

February is Dental Health Month. To help promote dental health in our pets, LAH is offering 15% off dental cleanings. This is a great first step to get the teeth clean of bacteria-laden tartar and to heal inflamed gums. Afterwards, the next best step to keep your pet’s mouth pain free and healthy is toRead More

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! We hope you and your pets enjoyed the holiday season. 2018 brought many changes as we continue our modernization of the practice- electronic medical records, our new therapy laser, and our online client communication portal. As part of our vision for 2019, we aim to improve pet health education. Our goal forRead More

A Sad Farewell to Klinger

I met Klinger, LAH’s resident female orange tabby, on a cold November morning in 2016 on my first visit to Lexington. Alongside Dr. Carls and Pickles, Klinger was there to greet me, my husband, and our then 6 month old daughter. While talking and learning about the hospital, Klinger followed us around, nudged me with gentleRead More

Tips for Emergency Preparedness

First, we want to introduce you to our foster kitten, Winx. He is an adorable little 12 week old kitten that was found by a good Samaritan lying on the side of Route 11 after being tossed out of a window. Winx sustained head trauma, and came into the hospital with some serious injuries. Despite allRead More

October 2018- World Rabies & FDA News Release

Happy Fall! We hope you are enjoying the start of fall, despite the remnants of the muggy summer heat. We would like to thank you all for referring friends and family to our hospital. We have been able to help more pets in our community and continue our mission to provide compassionate medical care toRead More