Treatment Services


Treatment Services


Once we've diagnosed an ailment in your pet, our goal is to make it right.  Lexington Animal Hospital has continued to invest in our treatment abilities every year.  It is our passion to care for animals, and our array of services are here to keep your pet healthy and happy.  


IV Fluids, Antibiotics, and Injectable Drugs


Intravenous catheters are a fundamental way to care for pets.  They allow infusion of fluids for pets that are dehydrated or in shock, as well as quick and easy resampling of blood to laboratory monitoring.  Drugs, such as antibiotics and pain medications, can be delivered directly to the blood stream, which gets them to vital organs faster.  IV treatment is especially critical when pets are under anesthesia for quick delivery of a variety of medications.   


In-house and Online Pharmacies


Our in-house pharmacy is well-stocked and always available for acute needs.  Meanwhile, our online pharmacy is always available for your convenience.  Our team stays abreast of the latest developments in the market, works with drugs reps and vendors, and evaluates competing options to bring you the best medications for your pet.    


Oxygen Therapy Cage


When humans are having a breathing crisis, they get an oxygen mask.  Since most pets don't tolerate masks well, we use an oxygen cage to achieve the same results.  Your pet will be surrounded by oxygen and get its full benefits with every breath.  Oxygen cages are helpful to treat patients in crisis with diseases like heart failure, asthma, and pneumonia.    


Experienced and Monitored Soft-tissue Surgery


When a pet requires surgery, you are good hands with our experienced staff.  While we will encourage seeing a specialist for orthopedic surgeries, we are experienced with soft tissue surgeries that arise from issues like tumors, bowel obstructions, enucleation, amputation, and routine spay/neuters.  When under anesthesia, your pet will be monitored by a dedicated Licensed Veterinary Technician with the guidance of a veterinarian.  Patients are intubated to deliver oxygen and anesthetic gases.  Intubation also protects the lungs and assists with breathing.  Our IV warmers, heated surgery table, and special monitors of pets' vitals give your pet the best protection under anesthesia.   




Most people brush their teeth twice daily, floss regularly, and visit a dentist twice yearly.  For dogs and cats, the lack of brushing leads to the build-up of bacteria-laden plaque, which will harden into tarter.  This can lead to tooth decay, bad breath, and gum disease.  The only way to remove tartar is by professional cleaning.  The most important area to treat during cleanings is beneath the gum line, which is normally a painful site for pets with gum disease.   


Class IV Therapy Laser


Laser Therapy (photobiomodulation therapy) is used to treat a wide variety of diseases.  The laser emits a dose of light evergy, which reaches target tissue and results in decreased inflammation, decreased pain, and accelerated healing.  Treatments are non-invasive, as well as drug and surgery free.     




If you have a question about how or why we do medicine, please ask!  We are proud of our work, and included education as a pillar of our mission with great intention.  The more you know, the easier it is to keep your pet healthy!  



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