LAH Mission

Our mission is to provide excellent and compassionate medical care, to deliver exceptional customer service, and to educate the community on preventative health care. Lexington Animal Hospital strives to keep pets happy and healthy so they can provide a lifetime of fun, loving companionship.

We differentiate ourselves through holistic preventive health and wellness care to keep pets healthy and catch problems early, high quality and comprehensive diagnostics when a pet gets sick, and continually improving modern treatment to get to the best outcomes.

Client Testimonials

Say Hi! and Learn About Us

LAH has been a community business for over 60 years. Dr. Meghan Ryan leads a caring and competent staff dedicated to providing the level of personal service you have come to expect, with the modern treatment your companion deserves.

What We Provide

We provide top-notch medical care in the three areas of maintaining pet health, as well as nutrition support and grooming.

Preventive Health Services

We believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We work just as hard to KEEP your pet healthy as we do to make it healthy again.

Diagnostic Services

We continue to invest both in our staff education and technological capability to be able to get you the answers to you need about your pet's health. Read more to hear what tools are available!

Medical Treatment

With a experience ranging from emergency to general practice to surgery, we are ready to provide comprehensive treatment care to your pet. Whether you need evaluation and referral to specialists, or need local treatment, we are here to help.

Nutrition and Grooming

We are passionate about good, quality nutrition that supports your pet's needs, whether growth for puppies and kittens, targeted nutrition for medical conditions, or more. We also offer an extra touch to help your pet stay cool in summer or keep your house clean.