Please Welcome Dr. Cathy Connelly & Hospital Renovations Under Way

We are excited to announce that Dr. Cathy Connelly is joining our permanent veterinary team at Lexington Animal Hospital. Dr. Connelly has worked intermittently over the last two years at Lexington Animal Hospital in a relief capacity. She is joining Dr. Mollie Fox and myself (Dr. Meghan Ryan) permanently on as we continue to grow and expand our practice hours and services.

Dr. Connelly graduated from Colorado State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 1993. She completed a fellowship in abdominal ultrasound imaging at UC Davis Veterinary School. She has extensive experience in veterinary dentistry, ultrasound imaging,  and exotic animal medicine. Most recently, Dr. Connelly worked as a shelter animal veterinarian around Roanoke. She is passionate about geriatric medicine, ultrasound imaging and radiology, exotic animal medicine, chemotherapy, and education.

Please give a warm welcome to Dr. Connelly when you meet her!

 Dr. Connelly with a rescued beagle

In addition, renovations are finally underway as we expand and remodel the behind-the-scenes part of the veterinary hospital. Demolition started on November 28th! First phase includes the creation of a large, comprehensive treatment area. We will have better ability to hospitalize sick pets, attend to emergency conditions, run necessary lab work, and perform medical treatments with more space and light. We are also converting the old, small treatment room into a third exam room. This is a plan that has been 6 years in the making and we’re thrilled to finally be starting. As with any renovation, we anticipate some headaches with the temporary cramped operating space for the next few months. We hope renovations will proceed swiftly and apologize in advance for any inconveniences.

Please feel free to ask me or the staff about what’s in store with the renovations, and hope you and your pets stay warm as the weather cools off.


Dr. Meghan Ryan

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