What we are thankful for in 2020

November 2020 finds us all in a very different place than we ever imagined 8-12 months ago. Unlike last year’s hustle of pets checking in for holiday stays, we find ourselves arriving at a quieter, smaller, and socially distant Thanksgiving. We miss seeing you all in the building. We miss the relaxed opportunity for conversation and sharing of news, instead of the “essential business” mentality that has affected our COVID-19 interactions.

I wanted to share some things that I am grateful for this holiday season, and send a reminder that LAH will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, Nov 26th and Black Friday, Nov 27th. We will be open from 8 am to 11:30 am on Saturday, Nov 28th.

1) At the beginning of November, we embarked on a reception renovation that is opening up the lobby. The receptionists will finally be able to face forward and greet you when you arrive! We will also have more storage space to minimize time to retrieve any needed food and medications. The picture below shows that it is still a work in progress. I can’t wait to share the new lobby with everyone when it’s completed.

2) This August and October, we upgraded our server, computers, internet, and phone service (essential, just not exciting purchases). The headache during the upgrades has made us very grateful for working technology in 2020.

3) Throughout the fall, we’ve been able to foster 9 kittens. Salsa, Randy, Ranger, Bolt, Blue, and Bandit have all found loving homes. We still have Pancake, Waffles, and Con Queso looking for homes.

Pancake, 9 wk old girl , Waffles, 9 wk old boy, and con Queso, 9 wk old boy

4) We have been able to continuously be open since March 2020 with our staff and doctors staying healthy! Fingers crossed we can continue to weather it all.

5) Bruiser, our old man hospital cat, is now 17 year and 7 months old. He still loves sunbathing.

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