A Sad Farewell to Klinger

I┬ámet Klinger, LAH’s resident female orange tabby, on a cold November morning in 2016 on my first visit to Lexington. Alongside Dr. Carls and Pickles, Klinger was there to greet me, my husband, and our then 6 month old daughter. While talking and learning about the hospital, Klinger followed us around, nudged me with gentle paw to keep petting her, and tried to nestle up to the sleeping baby.

Today, after living the last 17 years of her life at LAH, and battling inflammatory bowel disease for the last several, Klinger said good-bye to us all. She was recently diagnosed with cancer, and unfortunately declined rapidly. Surrounded by staff, Dr. Carls, Dr. Mollie, and myself, Klinger passed over the rainbow bridge.

Named for her affectionate character, Klinger was likened to the Visa slogan: she was always “everywhere you want to be.” She had a dramatic penchant for hopping onto any chair that someone had briefly vacated, and very vocally alerted you that you were trying to sit in HER spot upon your return.

Klinger loved bathing in the sun, especially in her bed in the lobby, and never quite understood why some dogs viewed her as prey. Klinger loved everyone, and loved grooming her buddy Bruiser, though she was not a fan of kittens at all, more to be seen as a nuisance invading her home! Her fondness for climbing onto shoulders and high desire for attention was the reason she was surrendered to Dr. Carls many years ago. Her original owner, a painter, kept being mobbed by Klinger jumping up on her shoulders while in the middle of a brush stroke.

Klinger was exceedingly gentle, and my daughter Anna fell in love with her early in our move to Lexington, always asking to go visit her “baby kitty” at the hospital. I know my own experiences with her were brief compared to the staff and doctors who have cared for her far longer than myself. I find, like all of you fellow animal lovers, that it is horribly hard to say goodbye to the amazing animals that have graced us with their presence. Today, we say good-bye to one of those great, fantastic animals.

Meghan Ryan, VMD

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