Cold Weather Tips

With temperatures dropping, it’s important to remember that cold, wet, winter weather can be just as harsh on our pets as the hot, summer sun. If it’s uncomfortable for you to be outside for an extended period, it’s also uncomfortable for your pet. Here are some tips to help keep your pets healthy in the winter months.

1) Know your pet‘s limits- shorten winter walks in temperatures <30’F

2) Consider a sweater or coat for short haired pets, or even well-fitted booties to protect their feet from ice and salt

3) Ensure outdoor pets have insulated shelter and unfrozen drinking water

4) Clean up any antifreeze spills quickly-  even 1 tsp is lethal to a cat

5) Check your pet‘s paws frequently for signs of irritation and injury

6) Wipe down or wash your pet‘s feet, legs, and belly to remove packed snow, ice, salt, and any de-icing chemicals.

Lastly, Lexington Animal Hospital will be be closing at noon on Tuesday, December 24th and closed on Wednesday, December 25th. We will have normal business hours otherwise.

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