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Wellness Exams

During annual wellness exams, we will discuss your pet's diet, weight, activity level, bathroom habits, and any medications and supplements that your pet receives.  We value preventative care and annual visits to help limit the onset of illness, as well as for helping detect health concerns early on. During annual wellness exams, we will recommend vaccination for the prevention of infectious diseases, discuss the prevention of internal and external parasites, and have a proper nutrition and weight consultation.

Senior Wellness

We believe that age is not a disease, but as pet's age, they often require more involved care. We will discuss your pet's mobility, comfort level, and the screening and management of illness that affect our senior pets.


Vaccines are important to protect your pet from infectious diseases. There is no one vaccine protocol that is recommended for all pets. Rather, we will discuss your pet's lifestyle and health and tailor our vaccine recommendations to their needs. Lexington Animal Hospital follows the guidelines recommended by the American Veterinary Medical Association and the American Animal Hospital Association. You can learn more about vaccines here through the AVMA.


Our in-house laboratory is able to run screening tests for infectious parasitic diseases, such as Heartworm Disease and Lyme Disease, as well as run analysis on your pet's blood and urine to evaluate their internal organs.

Nutritional Counseling

There is no one perfect diet that is recommended for all pets. We will recommend diets that are nutritionally balanced and meet the AAFCO standards. In addition, if you struggle to get your pet to gain or loose weight, we will discuss special diets and lifestyle changes that can facilitate your goals. For pets with medical conditions that require prescription diets, we can prescribe these diets, discuss how to transition your pet onto the new foods, and discuss how these diets are work.


A microchip is a tiny permanent form of electronic identification, no bigger than a grain of rice. Microchips are implanted under your pet’s skin in just a few seconds and will help reunite your lost pet with your loving family. Any time a pet is presented to an animal authority without an owner, an employee of the veterinary hospital, shelter, rescue league or animal control will scan them for a microchip. The information from the microchip is linked to a national database which can help owners track down their microchipped pet.


Dental health is just as important in pets as it is in people. Dental disease can lead to bad breath, infection, pain, and systemic diseases. During each examination, we will perform an oral exam and dental evaluation, and discuss the state of your pet’s dental hygiene. At that time we may recommend a teeth cleaning to keep your pet’s teeth healthy, and to remove tartar, plaque and treat gingivitis.

In order to try to prevent, or decrease the frequency of the need for an anesthetic dental cleaning, we highly recommend daily tooth brushing. We have supplies including toothbrushes, toothpaste and a variety of dental treats within the hospital that you can use for daily maintenance and a healthy pet mouth.


To help prevent pet overpopulation and unwanted litters, Lexington Animal Hospital recommends that pets be spayed or neutered. In addition, spaying and neutering can help prevent unwanted behaviors such as spraying, aggression, roaming, as well as reducing the risk for the development of certain types of cancers.


In addition to spaying and neutering, Lexington Animal Hospital is able to provide surgical care, advanced anesthesia monitoring, and pain control for a wide-variety of soft-tissue surgeries, such as growth removals and biopsies, laceration repairs, c-sections, and foreign body surgeries (when your pet eats something it shouldn't).

Health Certificates

Going on a trip and taking your pet with you to enjoy the vacation? Relocating to a different city in the US or a different country altogether? Dr. Ryan is a USDA-APHIS accredited veterinarian who can perform Domestic and International Health Certificates. Each country may have a different set of rules for travelling with a pet and often times it requires multiple visits to ensure all requirements are met. Therefore, it is highly recommended to research your travel as soon as possible to avoid any surprises as your departure draws closer. You can read more about travelling with your pet through the USDA APHIS website and also checking with your specific airline regarding their requirements.

End of Life Care

Our values of empathy, openness, non-judgementalism, and compassion are paramount when discussing end of life care. As your beloved pet ages, we can discuss changes in their quality of life and any concerns or fears that you may have. When appropriate, we can counsel you about the decision to euthanize, offer your pet a peaceful passing surrounded by loved ones, as well as provide for your pet's cremation and the creation of any keepsakes.

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